who we are


who we are



Regional and international cooperation – We are building an economic and scientific community on the east-west and north-south axes.

The International Union of Regions is an initiative of the program facilitating the cooperation between regions and cities for the benefit of business and science. It actively promotes implementation of innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 to stimulate the economic growth in Europe. It is a concept promoting the tightening of multi-layered economic and scientific cooperation between the regions of Europe and the world.

The activities planned within the program are compatible with the Polish Three Seas Initiative. Three Seas Initiative (an international economic and scientific initiative connecting 12 member states of the European Union situated along the Baltic, Black and Adriatic Sea) –mainly  concerns infrastructural projects: roads, railway connections (Via Carpatia, Via Baltica, Rail Baltica) and waterways, including a canal connecting Oder, Elbe, and Danube rivers. It will facilitate the transfer of goods and services between the regions.

The Three Seas Initiative

– as an equivalent of the old Marshall plan – opens a chance of participation for investors and outlets for goods and services for foreign entrepreneurs in this part of Europe, and it is recommended by the European Parliament.

The cooperation within the international Union of Regions is directed at the flow of good practices, experience, ideas, knowledge, and innovations supporting mainly small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The initiator of the program is the German company c-east with residence in Schleswig-Holstein. In the framework of the above-mentioned program, annual International Economic and Scientific Conferences are organized. The conferences lobby for establishing an international cooperation on the axis business-science-local government, and they shape the partner relations directed at success.

The implementation of the International Union of Regions is initiated

– in the Podkarpacki and Lubelski Region – by Lubaczów and Tomaszów poviats in modelled cooperation with the Hamburg Region.

In the geographical land of Roztocze (a Biosphere Reserve entered on the UNESCO list), jointly lying in the area of the Lubaczów and Tomaszów poviats, the creation of the Technological Roztocze Valley has been initiated. The established unit may be modeled on the phenomenon of California’s Silicon Valley, it is, however, created based on its own solutions and needs tailored to the region’s specificity.

Polonia from various countries of the world is involved in the above activities.

The goal of the International Union of Regions

is to promote products and services through the Permanent Promotional Exposition in Hamburg together with the representation of Polish companies, institutions, and organizations in Germany.