Our competences are, among others.

  • analysis of foreign markets, including German, Austrian, Russian, Kazakh, and Emirates in terms of innovative products/services that have a potential in these markets – which guarantees and secures the existence of companies going abroad,
  • contacts with industry experts, business development and research experts, participation in conferences, and economic and scientific meetings,
  • building a network of contacts,
  • working out preliminary assumptions for the development of Polish companies on the abovementioned target markets, above all for the German market,
  • developing entry/internationalization strategies for companies with a potential, innovative and competitive on the above target markets,
  • access to foreign investors, business institutions, that support innovative startups,
  • sharing knowledge, experience, presentation and negotiation skills,
  • help in creating foreign language website/advertising materials, taking into consideration the specifics of target markets,
  • verification of the development of the strategy for entering foreign markets and its evaluation by business partners operating on the target market,
  • analysis of the ways of operation/distribution channels of competitors of innovative Polish companies,
  • support in the search for business partners (e.g. development of distribution networks, strategic activities, etc.),
  • representation of Polish companies in Germany and the United Arab Emirates,
  • arranging specific meetings, e.g. with local distributors and/or companies seeking innovative solutions,
  • preparation of research taking into consideration the mentality, culture, and language of the target market,
  • support in the organization of trade fairs, trainings, conferences, project management – before, during, and after the event.